One of these services is the foundation to your pets coat and skin health, and
we'll help you determine their needs.
Sometimes, you just need a bath and a scrub behind the ears!  well, in the ears...
Our BASICS will do just that, using a premium, 
all-natural shampoo and conditioner.
We'll also do ear cleaning, touch-up of feet, pads, and nails, sani-trim, blow-dry, and quickie brushing.  Great for between haircuts, and short-hair dogs.
Starts with the Basics...
adds minimal scissoring, clipping, and
blending into your favorite style.
This is for pets who are regularly groomed,
with coats in good condition.
Extra nail work, dematting, thinning,
brushing, clipping, shaving and/or scissoring.
Some of these dogs may not be regularly groomed,
and can be difficult to work with.
This is also for shaving pets with hair not meant for shaving, such as labs, goldies, and rottweilers.


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