A day of supervision and lots of buddies to play with is so much better that being home... all alone.


Most dogs benefit from socialization.  It can help old dogs stay young and more active, and young pups learn manners from their elders in a very natural way. 


Some babies come every day while mom and dad are at work... some come once a week to play while mom is out running errands. 


This is Bentley.


When Bentley first came to us for

Play Dates, he was very scared and nervous... didn't want to play with anybody, and hid under the desk.


After the first week or so, he began to trust, and came out of hiding more and more each day, eventually running with the pack.


Now-adays, Bentley is a happy, confident boy.  Plays well with others... no more hiding for Bentley!  In fact, some times, he gets a little bossy...

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